User Experience Design


Hello. I am a user experience and interface designer that focuses on providing real business value to the projects I work on. I am experienced in leading projects with design and development teams and communicate with a high level of effectiveness across disciplines.

I have been designing and developing for the web and other digital mediums for over 20 years and have worked with a variety of clients including: legal, retail, corporate, small businesses, real estate, cultural organizations, and design agencies. Each project I work on is unique, as is the audience for the project. For that reason, it is important for me to gain a thorough understanding of a client’s goals – and their customer’s goals – before starting to design any potential solutions. Working in this way, we not only meet (even exceed) the goals for the project, save on development time and costs, but also provide customers with a productive, positive and fulfilling experience when using the product.

I have earned the trust of my clients by listening to their needs; being a reliable partner; providing sound advice; and by focusing on solutions to their problems.

Reach out and start a conversation with me via email or LinkedIn.